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Hi, I have two 5970 cards and I'm using 3 monitors. Now when I plug the first two monitors on the first 5970 they work pretty fine, the problem is when I plug in the 3rd monitor to the 2nd 5970, it just won't get recognized at all. I'm using HDMI cables with HDMI->DVI converters on the 5970s.

I tried switching one of the cables on the 1st graphics card with the one on the 2nd graphics card, and monitors switched; i.e. any 2 monitors hooked on the 1st graphics card work fine, it's the only the 2nd one that won't get recognized for some reason.

In CCC it only shows 2 displays, 3rd one does not appear.
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  1. When you have 2 cards in Xfire, then you can only use the display outputs from the primary card. Second card's outputs will do nothing. You'll have to get an active displayport adapter attached to your primary card to use the third display.
  2. You can only hook up monitors to two out of the three DVI DVI and HDMI, the third monitor has to be DisplayPort. As flyinfinni says, while using crossfire you can only use the primary card for video outputs.

    DisplayPort to DVI/HDMI active adapters will cast you $100.
    you can find other rebranded versions of this adapter at amazon or some place closer to where you live.

    You could also use this DP to VGA adapter: but not from Newegg as its unavailable.

    list of validated DP adapters, note that many are not on the market yet.
  3. Thanks. Can you recommend any displayport adapters?

    Also, on a side note, I'm trying to to connect my Sony TV to the computer so I can switch monitors. Thing is, I don't want the TV to be treated just as a fourth monitor, that is I don't want the screen to be "extended" to the TV, I'd rather it to be switched to it. So basically I can either have 3 monitors extended to display or have my TV as a single display.

    Now I know i have 2 options, either a VGA port or an HDMI port. My TV does have an HDMI port, so I'm thinking maybe I can just use an HDMI cable and connect directly from my TV to the primary 5970. I haven't tried that, I just want to make sure before buying extra cables. I'm just not sure how the "switching" part will be handled, I have tried this in the past with a laptop and once connected to the external display the laptop would go blank and display goes to the connected monitor.
  4. Thanks paperfox, will check them out.
  5. One last thought - 5970's are different. Are you also Crossfiring your 5970's? The reason I ask is a single 5970 will support and drive 3 monitors in Eyefinity just fine. That leaves the second 5970 as available for other displays - like the TV you mention.

    IF you Xfire those cards then you are resticted to the one cards connectors, but you pick up some performance by having the extra card render your image. In this case you cannot connect the HDMI and the other monitors - the HDMI port is shared with one of the DVI ports.

    If you dont xfire then this gets interesting. Im thinking you could create two display groups - one on the first 5970 and one with the Sony on the second??

    You are clearly on the edge with your configuration.
  6. Indeed there are many configurations that you can accomplish with your setup. One, similar to vvhocare5's suggestion is that you hook up your 3 monitors to your main card and the tv to the second card. Then when you are done using crossfire for gaming you could disable it and activate the tv and have all 4 running at the same time.

    Second is that you hook up all 4 of your tvs and monitors to your primary 5970. (DP DVI and DVI will have your 3 eyefinity monitors and HDMI to tv). So when you are done using eyefinity you can disable the display group and 1-3 of you computer monitors and setting your tv as the primary display through the driver options.

    You could either manually enable and disable monitors through the drivers OR you could use ATI's display profiles. You could pre set 3 display profiles 1) your 3 monitors in extended mode, 2) your tv as the primary display with your 3 monitors off and 3) your 3 monitors in a display group ready for eyefinity gaming. In this way you will be able to switch between 1 2 and 3 with only a press of a button!
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