AMD Dual Core VS. i3/ graphics card

Hello, i am trying to put together a halfway decent gamings computer and when i presented best buy with a compaq that had 4 gigs ram and a Athlon Dual Core, plus an upgrade grapics chip, the geek squad told me that processor would not recognize a high end graphics card and that i needed an i3 in order to upgrade graphics chip. Is it true that AMD dual core cannot read high end graphics cards?
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  1. asking "geek squad" about computer advice is like asking an insurance rep about flood insurance when you live in the Sahara

    any AMD dual core can work just fine with any graphics card, the real question is how well it will work

    P.S. don't shop at best buy
  2. Amen! Best Buy is the devil.

    Post full system specs including power supply and we can suggest parts for you?
  3. Best Buy is not that bad I occasionally find a good deal here an there from them but I agree about not getting advice from the geek squad.

    Now a days, I get most of my computer parts form Frys and Newegg, Ive got at least 3 months worth of Fridays Frys newspaper ads somewhere around here, at any given time.
  4. yea the only thing the geeks want is your hard earned cash, they charge an arm and a leg just to re-format... insane IMO..
  5. The Athlon dual core will work fine. You wouldn't want to put in a 5970 or something like that, as it would be severely CPU bottlenecked, but you could definitely upgrade without having to change out your CPU. The bigger concern when upgrading a prebuilt desktop is usually the power supply.
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