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OverClocking Patriot Memory Intel Extreme Masters Viper 3 1866

Can someone help me overclock this ram to at least 2133 Mhz?
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    You might be better off dropping the timings and keeping the voltage @ 1.5v see if you can drop them down to around
    9-10-9-27, otherwise its just like overclocking any other component you'd have to bump up your timings probably around 11-11-11-30 then set target clockspeed and voltage. It will be harder to stabilize your cpu at higher frequencies though so you might just want to set it to its xmp settings and leave it alone.
  2. Don't need to.
  3. Its at 9-10-9-27 right now, but am using the Amd A10 5800k APU and a higher frequency will give better performance
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  5. Runing it at 9-9-9-24 right now
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