I have an AMD Athlon II X4 620 at 3.1ghz. I also have 2 5770s in crossfire. After reading an article on guru3d, I started to think about my setup, and I began to worry that my graphics setup might be bottlenecked by my CPU. Is it?

If it is, would buying a 955BE be a worthy cause? I've been thinking about upgrading my CPU for a while.
Please tell me if it is and what I can do about it.
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  1. I would try to overclock your cpu first.
  2. I did. The stock speed is 2.6, it's at 3.1 now.
  3. You can go higher. What cooler do you have?
  4. You are not bottlenecked. There are people who think that a Phenom II x6 overclocked to 4GHz is not enough. These people are crazy.

    I don't have experience with crossfire 5770s, so for all I know you could get a couple more FPS with an increase in the CPU frequency but... that's certainly not "bottlenecking". The term "Bottlenecking" is overused and misused. I have an athlon II x4 620 overclocked to 3.25GHz on stock cooling and voltage and would have no problems putting in a 5870 or more (I'm not fond of the crossfire idea).

    You would still benefit more from a 3rd 5770 more than you would by a new CPU for sure.

    I have a radeon 3870 and an Athlon II x4. Dragon age Origins is CPU intensive. But upgrading briefly to a GTX295 increased my framerate dramatically.

    There are a few exceptions. I haven't played GTA4 but I have heard it is horribly coded and will benefit much more from a better CPU. And of course there is the game Flight Simulator X, where I heard it is so CPU intensive it would be better to sell one of your graphics cards and get a phenom IIx6 1090t in order to get higher FPS. But these are rare.

    Ask yourself also: Am I happy with my framerate or not? If not, you will need a whole new computer to get it up enough.
  5. Henry Chinaski - I have a Cooler Master Hyper N520.
    Enzo Matrix - Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I won't be upgrading for a little while.
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