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This is my first post here on tom's hardware. I have found some very helpfull stuff here but now I have a more "personal" question.

I have a pretty old computer. Assembled about 3-4 years ago. My question is:

-how much can I overclock my GPU with its stock cooler. here is my specs.

450W PSU
Radeon HD 7770 1gb
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.0ghz
4gb RAM DDR2
Intel DQ35MP motherboard

That's pretty much what you need to know right?
According to speedfan my CPU is running at about 50degrees celsius at the moment. When not doing anything.

All I want is a little kick in the butt so the PC runs a bit better/faster.

Will I have an increase in gaming performance on CPU optimized games? Like arma 2? Or will there be no difference and overclocking will only risk causing damage to my computer?

And from what I have read 450W PSU is a bit too little to overclock?

So :) Should I or should I not overclock, that is the question. Or can I overclock, that might be the true question.
Thanks :)
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  1. My question is how much the CPU can be overclocked not the GPU as i wrote as my main question.
  2. And I just realized I am in the wrong thread. I am truly sorry :(
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  4. It would be helpful if you included your cooling solution and what your current full load temps are using prime95.
  5. 50c is a little too high at idle for that cpu. You want to keep temps under 60c at full load and at that rate you'll fly past that especially if you overclock. get a nice aftermarket cooler or clean out the dust from your case before you seriously consider overclocking. That being said i pushed my old E8400 to about 3.8ghz on a stock cooler and would get to about 60c at full load. Should be no problem for you to push it there or even further.
  6. Yes hello again, so I bought a new cooler for my CPU a Arctic freezer 13. Now the cpu runs at about 35-40 at idle and during prime95 stress test at about 58 degrees both cores. What does concern me is that during the torture test i could not hear any increase in the cpu heatsinks fan speed.

    My cooling solution is air. one small fan sucking air in front and a bigger one (12cm) at the back blowing out. Only problem is my case is pretty small and when I have a "big" graphics card in there and the arctic freezer there is little room for air to flow.

    How much would you recommend I would overclock it? And what program should I use?
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