I've seen lots of posts for connecting legacy monitors, like DVI, to the Radeon 5850 card. But what I want to do is buy 3 display monitors for my new build. Will 2 of these have to attach to the card through DVI ports? If so, will this downgrade the quality to the 2 monitors on the DVI connectors?

Also, will I see a big improvement if I use (2) 5850 cards in Cross Fire? I plan on using the OC 5850 Toxic from Saphire.

My setup will be X58 board (X58A-UD7), 6GB OCZ 1600 CL6.
Main needs are for Daytrading, Auto CAD 3D renderings, Photoshop CS4, Video editing. Not games.

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  1. First things first. You HAVE to use the Displayport on the card for eyefinity. You CANNOT use a passive DP to DVI, you must use an active DP to DVI or a DP to VGA adapter. You will not see any loss in quality through DVI. There's an article on Tom's all about eyefinity.

  2. The first two of your monitors can use any combination of DVI DVI and HDMI outputs on the back of the 5850. The third has to be the DisplayPort output, you have to use an Active adapter (DP to DVI/HDMI) if your not going to use a native DP monitor. These active DVI/HDMI adapters WILL cost you $100, plain and simple no cutting corners here. There used to be a DP to VGA adapter found here:
    But its unavailable at newegg but not at some other websites with a good google search (I own this so I know it works).

    A list of all the validated adapters that work with Eyefinity. Take note not all of these items are on the market yet.
  3. ok - thanks guys, but you're missing my question. So I'll try to clarify it.

    I want to buy 3 monitors with DISPLAY PORT connections ON THE MONITORS.
    I don't care about DVI requirements or any other legacy format. I'm not using those so I don't need adapters for that.

    My question is whether I will lose anything by attaching my DISPLAY PORT monitors to the DVI port on the card. Since the card only has 1 Display Port, that means 2 of my monitors are not able to use it. So they will have to connect to the card through a DVI or other connection. Is this going to be a problem (if you know)?

    I have not been able to find any answer to this question.

  4. No you will not.
    DVI is perfectly fine for driving up to 2560x1600.
  5. ok, thanks. I thought that would be the case, but wanted to be sure. With computers you never know. They're great when they work :)
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