Acer Aspire SA80 661GX-M7

I have an Acer Aspire SA80 Desktop with the Celeron 3.06 Ghz processor. On the motherboard it is marked 661GX-M7. What I would like to do is upgrade the processor but I'm getting confused as some places list the sockets as a 775, LGA775 or a Socket 478. Is there a way to tell for sure without disassembling the computer and if so, what would be a upgrade Intel chip that would be the most compatible.
Thanks for any help.
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  1. Don't waste your money trying to upgrade that thing. Trust me. Buy a new computer.
  2. Hello Timop,
    Used that tool and it says an LGA 775 Socket. Great thanks much.

    Hello Henry Chinaski
    I am going to open it up again and check on its comparison to the board you pointed me to. Thanks for your reply and help.
    I am in the process of building a computer, but this one is in pristine condition, works pretty good with XP Pro and I always keep my last computer to play around with. I've seen some Pentium chips that should speed it up some. How much of a gain do you think I'll get?

    Does anyone know the correct way to locate a Pentium chip that will fit the LGA 775 socket and has 533 FSB or compatible?

  3. Hello Timop,
    Thats great information, I appreciate it kind Sir. Is there an easy way to describe not too big a difference.
    I have 2 Gbytes memory. Things that I would like would be GIMP and OpenOffice to load faster. I can't grasp in my mind a little difference, if you can understand that.
    Thanks for your help. Don't want to spend much, but $20 isn't a problem.
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  5. Hello again,
    My Acer says it only takes 2 GB. It is currently 166 MHz, would there be much apparent difference going to 400 MHz. Can anyone confirm that the board will only handle 2 GBs??
    Thanks again for your assistance.
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