5850 or 5770x2 for gaming

I was wondering...I could get 2x 5770's for less than a 5850, and more stream processors...will there be more gaming performance with the two 5770's? What upgrade issues will I be facing in the future with the 5770? ASUS maximus formula MB, E6750 cpu

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  1. Hard to answer this question w/o knowing your resolution. Here's some numbers at HD resolutions on GX11's Dirt2. You decide:


    5770 Xfire:
    Min fps: 36
    Avg fps: 48
    Max fps: 74

    Min fps: 31
    Avg fps: 42
    Max fps: 70

    Min fps: 42
    Avg fps: 52
    Max fps: 85
  2. lol okini

    ok think of it this way

    4870x2 < hd 5870

    4870x2<=hd 4870 CF

    hd 5770 <= hd 4870

    so hd 5770 cf <= hd 4870x2 < hd 5870

    ur performance will be somewhere in between an hd 5850 and hd 5870


    ahh jack u beat me to it
  3. how about upgrade issues...5850 is 2.1 compliant. when 3.0 comes out is there going to be that big of a difference?
  4. in short 2x5770 is a lot better value than 1 5850 but you will be restricted with upgrades unless you have a triple crossfire mobo, you could always trade in or sell when your ready for an upgrade don't worry about it being 2.1 its not going to make any difference to rendering its more the speed and will only effect ultra high end cards due to gddr and clock speeds

    make sure the psu is strong its the heart of your computer
  5. If you are going to overclock then definitely the HD5850. At stock the HD5770s win but the HD5850 surpasses them with an OC, especially minimum frame rates which is the most important performance stat. The HD5850 will also use less power, have no crossfire scaling/compatibility issues and leave the second slot free to use in the future. In general it is a never a good idea to start with a multi-card setup if there is a reasonable single card alternative.
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