Is my board 800mhz ONLY? Evga nforce 680i SLi

Built this pc a few years back and was doing a mild gpu upgrade from a single 9800gtx to a gtx460 (originally had 2 7950 gt oc in sli when I built it and 2 9800gtx wouldnt fit in the p182 antec case grr) and saw that I still had 2gb of ram :cry: SO, looking to upgrade the corsair xms ddr2 pc 6400 800 mhz sticks to a pair of Mushkin 2gb sticks for 4Gb. I was googling my board and saw that some links show the 680i to support 800/1000/1366 etc ?? On the evga box that I remember it said 800mhz specifically so when I built the pc I got a 2.66 core 2 duo 800mhz and 800mhz memory. Will this board support 1000/1366 memory? Is there a performance benfit to doing so? I figured while im swapping the gpu I could easily grab a faster core2duo or quad for a kick with faster memory to boot?
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  1. According to EVGA, it supports 1200 (OC) and 533/666/800 Native ( ). It should run 1000 MHz memory by overclocking but I won't run 1333. To be honest, I would stick with DDR2 800 for an older LGA 775. There is little to no benefit in going above it for that socket.
  2. thanks for the reply. I will just upgrade to 4gb from 2 since ill be upgrading to a 1gb card.
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