Hey Guys

Just wondering what a GTX 295 is worth these days. I have one that i no longer want nor need as i have a crossfire board and didnt realise when i brought the card. So cince then i have brought 2 5870s and have them now.


thats the card can some one tell me realisticly what its worth?

It has only seen one months worth of use and never been overclocked never seen the temp above 40c as it was in an antec 1200 i was hoping around the $600 mark maybe? if anyone wants it let me know.
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  1. You'd get about $400 for it; maybe less, since the HD5K debut.

    Alternatively, you could send it to me, :).
  2. Nahh, he wants to send it too me.
    I'll actually pay $399 for it, PM me if you're interested.
  3. What, as a $400 doorstop? :lol:
  4. $600 ? It sold for just $450 in October new. With the 470/480 about to pop, I'd say value will slip a bit more soon. The one thing holding it up is that it still "offers very notable gains over a single Radeon HD 5870 in the great majority of game titles" according to THG and w/ the 5870 still selling at $20 over MSRP.....

    if someone is interested in 3D Vision or PhysX and ruling out the ATI 5870 / 5970 for whatever reason, I'd put it in the $390 - $420 category as a new card w/ warranty. If it's an XFX, w/ transferable warranty...then I expect you could get that or close to it.
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