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I've got a Toshiba laptop that I was trying to flash the bios on. Unfortunately, about 90% of the way through, the computer froze and I assume corrupted the bios.

I made a bootable usb and cd with the bios software on it in hopes of fixing the problem. Unfortunately, I cannot access the bios at all (or the boot menu) to change the boot order. It seems like it wants to boot from CD, however it eventually just takes me to the "repair or load normally" screen. (I tried the disc on another machine to confirm it is in fact bootable) Any suggestions?
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  1. So....
    I think that's what the BIOS boot Utility is supposed to do, after all you did say you have a corrupt BIOS.
    So let it boot from the disc (CD) and then Repair.....
    I hope you have the latest BIOS for the Laptop written on the same disc too.....
    And this time when you try to repair the BIOS get rid of the Battery and just use the direct power input.....
    Be sure you have nothing else plugged into any of the sockets on the laptop....
    And, I forgot, the bootable disc that you made, it's not supposed to be windows bootable disc.... :)
    The BIOS utility has a built in boot disc maker, so try downloading the whole thing on another machine and then go about redoing the CD making ....
    Worst comes to worst, you're going to need to hard reflash the bios onto the chip or then you're going to have to get a new bios chip from a vendor out there
  2. I have the same problem and the screen doesnt show anything. I have tried to flash the bios from usb flash memory and a usb disk but I couldnt get the screen. They have told me to change the chip but I couldnt get the chip. please help.
  3. What's the make and model of the Mobo and earlier bios that you had on it?
    Where are you guys situated geographically?
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