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Hey guys,

A little over a year ago I got a black edition xfx and was wondering if it would be worth the money to try and buy a 2nd for sli (currently only ones I've found are used for around 130) or if I should sell mine and buy another card.

Even if I were to sell it I would only be looking to spend 125-150 for a new card ... any recommendations for a card within that price range that would be a sufficient upgrade from 2 in sli, or should I just stick with what I got and upgrade later?

Just curious,

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  1. How are used ones going for? I'd actually like to know (and prolly a lot more) so we could draw some lines into your answer.

    Anyway, there's no worthy upgrade around 150 bucks IMO. The 5770 is close in performance to your 9800GTX+ and DX11 + Eyefinity won't make up against a second 9800GTX for your SLI.

  2. The 5770 is slightly better (5-13%) than your 9800GTX+, but against 2 in SLI then no.
    The 5850 is the cheapest that will par the performance, so with OCing (5870's perf), power-consumption, Eyefinity, and DX11 is the cheapest card I would get.
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