Phenon II x6 or x4

:hello: Hey guys should i go with the phenom II x4 or x6 i heard that windows 7 doesn't even optimize the extra two cores is that true?? :D
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  1. What do you plan to do with your computer? If your not running programs that will benefit from the extra cores, you probably have no need for the 6 core and can save money by getting an X4 instead. Or if you gaming, I would recommend getting an X4 and using the money saved on a better video card.

    And windows 7 does a good job scheduleling tasks to the cores, if anything it's Xp that does it poorly. lol
  2. ok thanks man
  3. I agree with loneninja. If I had the cash, I would go with the X6 since I plan on running VM's most of the time. Gaming wise, the X4 is a better choice.
  4. What about audio? Common sense says the X6 but the cost says X4 (im a musician, not a millionare!)
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