Sony Vaio Motherboard Issue?

When I power on my Sony Vaio, the green light comes on, and the fan starts to spin for 1-2 seconds, and then it powers down! I've done some research and it seems that the Vaio's Motherboards have a bad history.... Any ideas? :pfff:
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  1. It's either overheating or the rectifier for the power is blown....
    If you still have a warranty on it, get it checked.
    If you don't you still need to get it checked from a qualified techie anyone else will end up messing the Vaio.
    Although you can use a can of compressed air first for the preliminary troubleshoot and blow out all the dust that may have accumulated in the vent of the rig.
    And yes, they do have a problem with the last few batches of their products.... so it's a 50-50% chance....
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