Best HD 5870 card

I've been looking at the XFX cards mainly:

There are multiple cards in this line, and I'm wondering which one is the best.
Main reason that I'm asking is because the HD-587X-ZNFV is on offer, and I want to know if I can get a better one?

Or maybe I should go with another brand all together?
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  1. If what you want is an XFX, it really doesn't matter which one you get; just get the cheapest model, they all carry the double lifetime.
    In terms of the factory OCed models, you can always OC yourself if you ever need the extra performance.
  2. Thanks. I'll hold off buying it then, as I can get the HD-587A-ZNF9 for the same price (not on offer)
  3. I'm not allowed to edit the previous post, so excuse the double.

    What is the best HD 5870 card I can get? Doesn't have to be XFX
  4. What is most important to you?
    Pretty Box?
    Bundled software?

    Pepperman was giving you good advice and you didnt listen
  5. I didn't listen? It seems you didn't read.

    If what you want is an XFX

    If what I want... I don't want XFX, I want the best and if someone else has a better card I'd love to hear about it. But if it's all the same, then I'd like to know that too.

    I appreciate pepperman's advice, as can be seen in the fact that I thanked him. The above quote is what got me thinking. Is Sapphire better? MSI? ASUS? Or are they all the same/can I overclock them myself and get the same performance out of them?

    What is most important to you? That I get my money's worth
  6. For the most part, most manufacturers make the same card; the only difference is the name and the warranty.
    That said, I personally prefer either XFX or Visiontek for ATI because of the lifetime warranty (and double for XFX).
    Looking at newegg, currently the cheapest 5870 is $10 less than the standard XFX. The question for you is; is the double lifetime worth $10?
  7. Thanks.
    For some reason, it seems that the double lifetime warranty is something exclusive to the US? According to the sellers' site I only get 2 years of warranty here in Denmark. I'll have to look into this.
  8. If you want something better than the reference board, there is the Gigabyte Ultra Durable and the MSI lightning. The MSI board is meant for more overclocking than the heatsink it comes with can handle and is a good choice if you want to put a water block on it. The Gigabyte Ultra Durable, which is the one I have, also uses a custom PCB and cooler and is the same setup they have on their planned Super Overclock 5870s.
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