Seasonic X650 Gold or Corsair 650HX

Hi, I'm trying to pick a new power supply, and Seasonic X650 Gold and Corsair 650HX seem to be the best two PSUs in the mid range right now. My build is single GPU and needs about 350w, but I like a little overkill lol

Everyone seems to say the Seasonic is better.

- Both manufactured by Seasonic
- Modular
- Long warranty (Corsair 7 yr, Seasonic 5 yr)
- 12v rails have 52-54 A
- Quiet?

- Seasonic is 3-6% more efficient than the Corsair (so maybe it'll save $1 a month on electricity)
- Seasonic is 40-50$ more

Is there really any other practical reason why everyone is in love with the Seasonic X series? If that's it, I'd rather save money.
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  1. I've been using the CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W since 11/08. It is quiet and I've had no problems with it. Runs E8600, 2sticks of 2GB DDR2 RAM, 2 HS3870s in crossfire, TV tuner card, Video capture card, a DVDRW, 5 HDDs, and 4 120mm fans.
  2. Get the Corsair. Since the 650HX is modular, which helps in cable management. Also has bullet-proof reliability.
  3. Both PSUs are fantastic options. Anyway, the X-650 is better than the HX650 (although the HX650 is a great PSU, it isn't as efficient or stable as the HX750w or HX850w (both by CWT)).

    Here you have another two excellent 600-650W modular PSUs:

    ANTEC TRUEPOWER NEW 650W (by Seasonic)
    ENERMAX MODU87+ 600W
  4. well is the $40 extra worth a 5% better psu?
  5. Buy anyone from these:

    1. Seasonic X-650 650W
    2. Antec Signature 650W
    3. Enermax Liberty Eco 620W
    4. Enermax Eco80+ 620W
    5. Tagan PipeRock II 680W

    PSU's are in the performance priority-wise order. But all are great PSU's.

    U won't regret of buying anyone of these.
  6. you forgot to mention that the corsair is good too!
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    I would go with the Corsair HX 650. Very good PSU, costs a bit less than the Seasonic, and has a better warranty. I am currently running one in my file server.
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