Max TDP on 4+2 phace on intel cpu

what is the max TDP for use with a mother board that has 4+2 phase power on a Intel board. I am using a 3570K. I want to over clock but not harm anything.
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    You don't need to worry about max tdp, oc as high as you can.
  2. phases dont matter until you hit 4.6ghz and above. quality of the phases is what matters
  3. why the crap did you get the g45 thunderbolt? thunderbolt isnt going to be useful for quite a few more years just like how usb3 took 4 years to be kind of mainstream

    the g45 is ok ish. there are way better boards for 150 bucks though
  4. cause it was the cheapest thunderbolt board there was
  5. do you even have a thunderbolt device? and thunderbolt hard drive enclosures are not something i would consider using it for given usb3 is good enough and hard drives never get up to thunderbolt speeds
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