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I have an HP Elite 9150t that had one of those defective motherboards and got tired of the problems. I decided to buy the Asus Rampage III GENE to replace the Pegatron mobo. I have had problems connecting it as some of the pins are different, etc. If anyone has replaced their HP Elite mobo with the Gene III could you help me connect mine?
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  1. You mean the front panel pins? The power connectors? Be more specific and give details.

  2. This is the old one I had. I didnt hook up the front panel pins anywhere because there was no spot for them. so my front 1394, seaker output, USB, and LED lights dont work. Basically I dont know how to put it back together to the way it was. After I started I realized alot of the connections to the motherboard wouldnt work. The HP pocketdrive and easy backup were left disconnected from the mobo as i figured i didnt really need it. I guess my big problem is I need some sort of guide to help me put everything back together. :cry:

    This is the new motherboard
  3. Read this

    Connect the PSU to the motherboard

    The 24 pin and you do like this for the other one:

    and come back with a pic of your cases' front panel connections (should be a wire with connectors at the end - see Step Five in the tutorial).
  4. My front panel connection that includes speaker, PWR, ground, and LED lights is a 9 pin connection with 1 blocked off. I dont have my camera on me but the order goes like this:


    MY Media card reader is a 4 Pin with 1 blocked off.
  5. If the connector physically fits the front panel (look carefully, don't push hard) you can switch around your connectors to fit what's on the motherboard. Tag every wire to know which is which first, should be indications for that on the motherboard.

    If it doesn't fit and you know which is what you can improvise something or get something like this

    cut the male headers of the wires and connect them to your case wires.

    If you don't know the pinout follow the wires to the front panel.
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