3 displays and performance? (need help building a dream machine)

Hello Tom's Hardwarers!
7 years ago, I was converted to the Mac cult (SATAN !!! I know). Since then, I've been rocking macbook pro's. I'm now solely relying on my rMBP. I've been happy with the computer, it does all I need it to do (Photo editing (mostly)). But I also like occasional gaming and in that sector it lacks the abilities I need it to have. I intend to keep the rMBP for my portable needs but I want to build a Gaming Rig. I'm not trying to obtain the one rig to rule them all, but I'd still like to have a magical one nonetheless!

What I want:
- I want to drive games to their maximum graphical capacity.
- I want to be able to use multiple displays while doing so (Running a 1080p movie on my tv, while playing crisis 2 and monitoring the chat of my stream)
- I want to be able to stream without loosing gaming performances.
- I want to do that with a budget of 2000$ ... 2500$ if we can't make the first objective.

I already own all the peripherals (2x 23" Screens), Keyboard, Mice, Headphones, HDMI cables, so no need to take that into account for the build. Will you help me build my dream machine?

Q1: Should I get 1 or 2 GPU?

Q2: I am aware that new intel processors are due out in the second quarter of 2013... But I have no clue if they would bring anything significant game changing to my build.

PS: It's my first time building my own rig. (I've read many guides... but still a little stressed)
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  1. A1: 1 Good GPU will definitely be good like the Powercolor Devil13

    A2: They may bring something to the playing field but nothing Godly new to us all

    PS: Don't sweat it its not all that hard, you can do it
  2. You want to be over in the Systems forum with this kind of request.
    Fill out this form and start a new thread over there.

    1. If you'l only be gaming on one screen, than you only will need one GPU. If you intend to play across those three screens you will need at least two to get playable frames at respectable settings.

    2. Haswell (the next CPU architecture) doesn't look to be anything big, mainly a power efficiency upgrade rather than an outright performance one. You should be fine to skip Haswell.

    Building a rig is fairly simple. Just make sure to research and pay attention when building it, you'l be fine.
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