Crossfire 5770 or one 5850? Do I need a new psu?

I'm waiting till the end of the month to upgrade my video card for BC2. I'm willing to spend 200-250 I guess by then the prices should drop hopefully lol.
I'm unsure which cards should I get I'm looking for performance if the two 5770 ismore worth it I will go with that versus single card solutions

My current psu is a corsair tx650 w
AMD Pheonom II x2 550 1.4v 3.6 ghz
gskill 1066 2X2 4gb 2.0v
1 220-250mm fan
8 120mm fans
2 sata hdd
8 USBs being used
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  1. For PSU size, let this do the math for you....

    For the 5xxx comparison, there's this: [...] 2&pageid=4

    5770 Xfire:
    Min fps: 36
    Avg fps: 48
    Max fps: 74

    Min fps: 31
    Avg fps: 42
    Max fps: 70

    Min fps: 42
    Avg fps: 52
    Max fps: 85
  2. You can check the charts here on Toms to see the relative performance of 5770s in crossfire vs a 5850. In some cases, two 5770s will even beat out a 5870. Even so, I would rather go with the 5850 so that you have the option of adding another 5850 down the road. That's just me tho :D.
  3. Hey vvilliamm,

    A corsair tx650 is more than enough to crossfire either of those cards. Its a very high quality power supply, and both are relatively low power use cards.

    If you a starting from scratch its always better to go with a single card solution(an ATI 5850). Crossfire wont give you quite twice the power of a single card, and starting with one card gives you an upgrade path in the future if you decide to.

    If you want you might wait a week or two to see if prices drop when the Nvidia Fermi line comes out.
  4. and here i was thinking i should sell my psu for 50 then grab a 1000 w lol would i be able to support two 5850's in the future?
    the 5850's currently is around 350ish. ouch =] usually how much would they drop it by? hmm for a alittle more i could get the 5870's lol
  5. Yes your PSU will power dual 5850's in future!!

    What's your monitors resolution?

    And how long you plan to keep this setup?
  6. well my monitor resolution is 1920x1080.. im thinking of getting a 5870 since the prices are around the same from the 5850-5870 right? and the 5870 seems to perform alot better. hoping to keep this setup for another 2-4 years? i doubt any games will require more than a 5870 in the next 4 years.. i still have a 8800 gt lol
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    Since you are a keeping the card for a long time then a single powerful card makes more sense as you have the option of adding another down the road.

    So I would say get a 5850 or 5870 (Whatever you feel like getting)!!
    Both will do a fine job at that resolution.

  8. Id advise you to get at least 5850, My system is running a 5850 and its only 550watts 80plus..... you can also crossfire the 5850 if you want, with that 650w but it will be cutting it close..... Dont get the 5770 as it isnt that great and the 5830 is already out. just get a 5850 for now and save a bit more and crossfire another one later on for maximum results! Think of it as eventually upgrading to a 5970!!!
  9. I probably need a new psu =] i only have two 6+2 pci-e power plugs. if i crossfire lol i need 4.

    im hoping to sell my current video card and use that money to get a 5870 =] i hope that by the end of this month when the fermi card drops it will force the ati card prices to drop
  10. im curious is there a rule.. in terms of which wire should i hook it up on? my two lines with 4 molexs are being used with 2 free on each line do i have to use it with two lines that isnt connected to anything or it doesn't matter?
    i guess for now i should stick to using a single card solution since i have 2 x 6+2 pci-e on one line
    i probably sell my tx650 and get a higher watt one with 4x6+2 pci-e lines is that better? most of my molexs are being used by my fans lol

    i probably sell my 6 months old tx650 for 50 and buy a 850w?
  11. If you have to use those adapters shubham linked Id connect one to each strand of molex pins as to spread the load out as much as and evenly as possible.

    the 650tx you have is fine for the job, just get the adapters when needed.
  12. hmm would it be better in the future if i went with ? a 750w one already has 4 pci-e would this support two 5870's? + oc cpu , and etc

    thanks shubham for the links =]

    but eh lol no need to rush thats ill use it when i want to crossfire two 5870's 0.0 lol
    wanted to ask out of curiosity.
  13. Ummm....Use your current PSU until you are using a single card.
    And when you get the second one,then get a new PSU.

    (Save money and get Corsair HX series PSU...Modular is a big PLUS as far as cable management is concerned :) )
  14. would a 750w later on support 2 of these 5870's? Thank you
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  16. vvilliamm said:
    would a 750w later on support 2 of these 5870's? Thank you

    Easily!! :D
  17. vvilliamm said:
    would a 750w later on support 2 of these 5870's? Thank you

    The manufacturers recommend at least a 650w for crossfire 5870s and a single 5970 so ya you will be fine.
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