Amd A10 5800k Core Voltage Problem

I cant seems to know what my core voltage really is. every software i tried gives me a different result :(
If someone could help me it would be much appreciated.

Mobo Msi A75MA-E35
Cooler master hyper 212 plus
Corsair Builder Series CX 430 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS
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  1. normal parameters are 0.825V - 1.475V
  2. patrick47018 said:
    normal parameters are 0.825V - 1.475V

    Yeah i know that but when i set my voltage to lets says, 1.3875 in bios all the software that i have reports 1.368 (the ones that works anyways) and goes down to 1.326 under full load
  3. Its not uncommon for cpu-z to report some voltage fluctuation. That's pretty normal. My core voltage has the same .016v dance. Maybe those are the increments cpu-z uses or reads? Speedstep is why when your system is idle it will show the 2Ghz speed. Finally when only using one core only one core will get hot.
  4. CPU-z don't work with my CPU, it always reports Core VID @ 1.225, the funny thing is that if all settings are set to auto in bios CPU-z will report Core VID up to 1.375 and update in real time but as soon as i set the CPU frequency manually it just stays at 1.225
  5. Still trying to figure this one out I see..

    Here is a link to the OP's old thread so everyone can see what has already been tried:
  6. OK cool, i don't know why it i can see my CPU voltage well all my CPU settings are set to auto be as soon as i set the frequency manually al software start showing a voltage of either 1.225/1.375
  7. Sorry I cannot be of more assistance here, I've exhausted all my possible solutions.

    Have you already contacted msi about the problem?
  8. Am about to do that and one more thing, in bios i have the voltage set at 1.3875 and in HWiNFO32 it says 1.348-1.352 and under load it goes done to 1.328, is that normal?

    This is the result i get after gaming for 30mins HWiNFO32 with everything set to auto

    what i want to know is if i set the frequency manually to 4.2GHz what should i set the voltage to?
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    the bios would tell u the right voltage. thats the most accurate no software can give u more accurate voltage than what u see in the bios.
  10. ok kool :) thanks again iceclock, got this bad boy at 4.6 today!!
  11. sweet. anytime mang.
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  13. cheers
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