Need Good am3 Gaming Mobo

Hello, I'm looking for a good gaming mobo am3 that can support xfire.
My cpu is 965 x4 BE
My range is $150 or below.
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  1. Actually dual x8 is fine for a single 5970(or other cards like it),because it will run at x16 speed
  2. What I mean is if you're crossfiring 5970s.
  3. In that case,you are right :) I first thought you meant 1 5970.
  4. Well I'm gonna crossfire 6870
  5. I'm running xfire 6870s on that 890GPA-UD3H, runs a treat
  6. Yes,you'll be fine.The difference between dual 8x and x16 isn't much unless you play at resolutions like 2560x1600 with AA/AF enabled
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