Wait for Fermi before getting a graphics card?

I've had a 9800 for a while now and its getting dated. I wanted to upgrade my card and was looking at either the 5770 or 5850 depending on my budget in the next few weeks. I also wanted to know if I should wait for the new Nvdia cards just to see the prices and if they make ATI drop in price
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  1. Aren't the new nvidia cards supposed to be released in 2 weeks? Can't wait that long?
  2. 23 days till fermi drops.....don't expect a big price impact for 3-4 weeks afterwards.
  3. I am actually kind of glad my PSU died, made me hold off on getting a GPU, so now i can wait and see what fermi does ;)
  4. Remember that the only fermis we "know" are coming are the GTX480 and GTX470. These are the higher end cards, likely to cost many hundreds of dollars. Unless your looking to drop $400+ on a card, these won't be of any use to you. They also won't impact the price of the cheaper cards much because AMD still has no compitition from Nvidia in those segments. If your looking to upgrade, either do it now, or be prepared to wait until Nvidia gets us the "GTX430".
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