Too many case fans, not even mobo connectors

I just bought an antec 900 and a gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 MOBO for my first build and I'm a little confused because the mobo only has one 4-pin connector for fans, and the case has 4 fans on it, but they all have male and female on the ends of the cable, so i am wondering if I am supposed to plug one into the mobo and plug the rest into the back of the first, or if that is a stupid thought.
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  1. The case fans sound like they have Molex plugs on them, feel free to daisy-chain them to suit your cable management :P

    They plug into a molex power line straight from the psu :)
  2. The mobo fan headers (1 or more) will provide speed control based on system temps. The CPU cooler fan usually must be plugged into the mobo header provided specifically for this. This board has more than one fan header, and these are the fan headers provided on the board:

    Fan Header #1 - The CPU fan header is located at the top left corner very close to the CPU 8-pin power input plug and is marked "CPU Fan"

    Fan Header #2 - This is marked "sys fan 1" and is located to the lower left of the RAM slot cluster.

    Fan Header #3 - This is marked "sys fan 2" and is located to the lower right of the RAM slot cluster.

    You may plug in the case exhaust fans rear fan and top fan) to these headers. The rest of the fans (side input, front input) may be plugged in directly to the 4-pin Molex connectors separately or by daisy-chaining. Daisy chaining will not create any issues because the current draw by these fans are quite low. Another option to daisy chaining is to purchase a fan controller such as (this is the one I have) - 4 channel OR (6 channel fan controller)

    Looks like you have a nice board. I wish I had waited for USB 3! Good luck!
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