3007FPW DVI Cable?

Hey guys, My 3007fpw is flickering, I'm gonna get another cable and test it before i get another video card. I also have a 2007fpw and i tried switching the DVI cables, but the one for the 2007 doesn't work, i remember someone telling me they use different cables because of the resolution size. Local pc website shows 2 types DVI-D and DVI-I, not sure which one i need? My video card is a 7900gt.

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    You need dual-link DVI-D. Single link just can't carry enough information for the resolution, it's maxes out around 1920x1080/1200 @ 60hz (depending on suppport), whereas you need much higher than that. (DVI-I doesn't matter for you it just adds the analogue support to DVI-D)

    Look at the number of pins on the cable, a single-link cable will look like it's missing pins, a dual link cable will be full.

    This may help;

    Dual Link you Want;

    Single Link you Don't;
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