Strange hardware problem...

This might take a minute to explain...

I built a computer for someone, loaded win 7 64 bit on it, everything worked fine as far as I can remember. I didn't do much of anything with it. Two days later I got the blue screen.

Ok, so I checked and reseated all of my connections for ram/graphicscard/hard drive sata connections etc. Every time I boot I get a blue screen.

So I took a hard drive from an identical computer (hardware wise) that had win 7 loaded on it already. When I swapped the hard drive the computer booted up perfectly fine.

So I put the old hard drive back in and when I booted I got continuous long beeps. The mobo manual says that the graphics card isn't seated properly, so I reseated it and started it back up.

At this point I tried to re-load win 7. During the installation I get an error message 0x80070570 something about missing or corrupt file. So I burn another copy of win 7, which is the same file that I used to load win 7 on 4 other identical computers. I know the file is legit, didn't trust the dvd, so I burned another one. I try to install again, and get the same error.

I've come to the conclusion that it's definitely not the hard drive as I've seen another hard drive with win7 on it boot up fine. I have swapped and reswapped out the ram with several other sticks and get the same error. I'm nearly positive the ram isn't a problem.

The only other things that it could possibly be at this point is CPU, MOBO or GPU. I do have the ability to swap out all of these components with identical parts, but this is quite a hassle and will take me a long time.

My plan right this second is to take the original hard drive, put it into a different computer and load win 7 on that. Then put the hard drive back in and see if it works.

I would really appreciate any advice here, as I don't want to waste any more time. Also, I have googled this error message and it didn't seem like anything applied to my situation. People mostly got this error with upgrades and driver issues with certain hardware. I know thats not the case because I've done this exact install on four identical builds previous to this.

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  1. "I've come to the conclusion that it's definitely not the hard drive as I've seen another hard drive with win7 on it boot up fine."
    Um...This comment doesn't make sense, if this is what you did then why do you think it isn't the HDD.

    You can get Memtest to boot from a Flash Drive so that you can do it without being in windows, do a search for it. That should eliminate the memory/motherboard slots from the equation...

    Also do you have integrated graphics, if so then use that for the moment.
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