How to replace capacitor on motherboard when solder doesnt want to melt

Hello,Does anyone have any suggestions on how to replace capacitor on motherboard as the solder does not want to melt when using a conventional solder station or air matter how long i hold it there it does not want to melt - any ideas?
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  1. Not to insult you, but you may simply need a hotter soldering iron. In your situation, it seems that your motherboard vendor used a type of solder that has a higher melting point than your current soldering iron is applying. You really don't have any other feasible options for mounting the replacement capacitor without removing the old/defective one(s). Good luck!
  2. Solder is quickly melted by the iron then the iron is too hot. It should take 2-3 seconds to melt the solder. It's not suggested heating for a longer than 3 seconds. But do not worry too much about this, just focus on making a excellent solder joint & every time you will be quicker to solder the cap on.
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