Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium won't install past "Starting Windows" screen

Hello, I just Built a computer, I've been trying to install 7 for a couple of days. It stops at the "Starting Windows" screen, I've tried everything I've read, the bios, different PSU.
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  1. It would help if you post your computer specs. Does the HD show up in the BIOS?
    Is this a clean installor over the top of an existing OS?
  2. Does it stop or take forever to load?

    If you're loading windows 7 ultimate 64-bit then it's to be expected. My install took over 1 hour to finish.
  3. Oh sorry you already said Home premium. But yeah should have similar hang problems.
  4. Yes, this is normal. Everyone has the same problems, well its not a problem =). Just wait and you will see. It takes long for all the otions to pop up. You should see the Windows 7 Desktop with anything on it, just your cursor. Just have to wait and hopefully you'll see what happens =)
  5. clean install, Hard drive shows up,

    MSI NF980-G65 Motherboard
    AMD AM3 Athlon II Processor
    G.SKILL Ripjaw DDR3-1600 4GB RAM
    EVGA Geforce 9500 GT Video Card
    Lite-On DVD r/rw
    Western Digital 160 GB Hard Drive

    Ive let the install sit all night and it never went farther than the "starting Windows" Screen. I shall try again, Thanks!
  6. You could run the WD diagnostic software to insure that the HD is okay. Is this a retail version of Windows 7?
  7. i had a simaler problem after it goes to restart take out the disc it will ask u to put it back in but that fixed my problem
  8. It could be your copy of windows.
    When I said it takes longer to load I didn't mean over night. I waited maybe 5-10 minutes between different menu options.
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