Are my RAID 5 speeds normal? ATTO Screenshot, pls look ->>

Hi all,

I've just built a RAID 5 setup consiting of four 2TB Caviar Greens. I have now run ATTO to see the speeds its running at, and I get this...

What do you guys think, is this normal?

Many thanks!

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  1. Hello,

    Your first mistake was buying green drives (they are slow). The second mistake was using them in a RAID 5 setup (green drives are not good in RAID).

    So keeping that in mind your "scores" look quite normal.

    Read this:,294/session/L3RpbWUvMTMzNDMzMTUzNC9zaWQvTkREQTl5Vms%3D
  2. WD has a utility available to adjust the idle timeout of the heads on the green drives. The low idle time is responsible for alot of the problems the Green drives experience when in a RAID array.
  3. hi guys,

    thanks for your replies. Ive managed to send the drives back for a refund :) a very good seller lol :P

    I've bought some WD RE4-GP drives, well, eight of them lol

    all installed just need a RAID card, im thinking of the ASR6805 by Adaptec, although the price is very off putting! I like the idea of the software where you can have an monitor and control the RAID setup from Windows.

    Not quite sure what other makes/models would be good? It needs to be an 8 port controller capable of RAID 6...

    With RAID6 any 2 drives can fail I'll still have all my data. Its going to be used for storage and streaming HD video and movies etc.
  4. Caviar drives do not support TLER and you may experience occasional apparent disk failures. Get RE series drives.
  5. i havent set my RAID level up yet.

    What would be the pros/cons to running RAID 50 or RAID 6? Both would be using all 8 drives.

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