VisionTek ATI 2400 HD pciex16 3 monitor issue

I am running a VisionTek ATI Hd 2400 Pro PCI ex16 with a HDMI port, DVI port and VGA port. I have success with the DVI and HDMI running on two HD monitors. But I am having a problem using the VGA port to power the third monitor. It detects the third monitor but it is telling me I can only swap out the third monitor with one of the HD monitors in order to use it. Can anyone help me solve this issue.
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  1. The HD 2400 Pro can only handle two displays not three, only the 5000 series can do that.
  2. You're limited to two displays with the 2400. You can get a cheap PCI-E 1x or PCI card to run a third monitor, or upgrade that 2400 to at least a 5670. You will need a display port to VGA, DVI, or HDMI dongle though, unless of course one of your monitors has display port.
  3. Thank you guys... Much appreciated.
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