Raid Card Setup Without losing Data?


My original setup was:

Areca 1231-ML card
Two Corsair SSD in Raid 1 {OS- Win 7 Ulitmate 64-Bit + apps installed)
Four other drives as JBOD {data}

I want to transition to:

OCZ drive (PCI-e) (OS Win 7 Ulitmate 64-Bit- installed right now only)
Areca Card installed
Two Corsair SSD installed (data I dont care about)
Four JBOD drives installed (data I care about)

Now with the PCi-e drive card installed, windows cannot see the 6 other drives.
Can I go into the RAID BIOS manager, and keep Raid 1 on the 2 Corsair drives and keep JBOD on the other 4 drives without losing their data?

Can I take one of those JDOD driveS to another PC to backup the data? or only can the Areca card see it?
If I follow the Areca manual- Create a new Raid 1 set for Corsair SSD ( lose data thats fine) and creat a new JBOD set for the other 4 drives, will their data still be there or be erased?

Best way to play this out?

Thanks Paul
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  1. Try to set everything back to the original settup to be able to back everything up. You should be able to connect those drives to another PC and get the data out. If you can't you can use runtime getbackdata for raid to reconstruct the raid array. You should be able to initialized an old array without losing the data. Its been such a long time since I used windows I forgot how to...But if you were using linux I would be able to give you more info
  2. Did you install areca drivers? It should show up

    Areca allows you to re-create a RAID as rescue mode, the data is intact, check it out
  3. I tried switching back to original config, mbr is damaged on Corsair SSD drives. I am reformatting them both, and will attempt a RAID 1 config. See if OS recognizes after clean format.

    I will try rescue mode...thanks for the idea...

    All these years I had all hard drives on the Areca card, and the blu-ray drive on a MB SATA port. Can I throw the blu-ray drive on the Areca card too as JBOD? and disable MB SATA?

    thanks Paul
  4. BD runs under ATAPI mode, where the areca card runs strictly HDD mode... I dont think you can connect BD to Areca card
  5. I decided to leave the blu-ray drive on MB SATA like you said....I'm backing up all the JBOD on old PC just in case, before playing all the Rescue RAID games.
  6. That is the right way to do any way :-)
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