Nvidia 9500gt 512mb ddr3 vs 1gb ddr2

which should i buy? I want to play latest games.
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  1. Neither are particularly good for gaming, but if you are restricted to those two the DDR3 will perform better. Whats your budget and monitor resolution? Ideally you are looking for something above the 9600GT or 4670 or 5670 they would provide you significantly better performance.
  2. Neither. Isn't there anything better in your price range? Don't forget about ATI/AMD cards.
  3. The ddr3 version is the better of these two, but as said before its not a gaming card.

    Three questions before we can suggest alternatives accurately:
    1- Are you in the US?
    2. How much can you spend?
    3. What is your current system and power supply?
  4. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-gaming-graphics-card,2544-2.html

    To read about the 512 versus 1 GB issue read this page and the one following.


    The GTS 250 can be had for $99 but newegg's lowest is $109 since XFX's rebates expired. 5750 is a bit more expensive
  5. The DDR3 will perform MUCH better than the DDR2, although half in size, it operates much faster in most games.
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