Can i upgrade my graphics card and what is it pci pci-e or agp?

i tried to check my computer it showed sever "pci' and some "pci-e" slots the pci's were unused pci-e's were used.. pretty new at this heres my system hp pavillion a6700 y
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  1. Yup, you can upgrade it to any pcie16x graphics, which is basically anything made within the last 3 years, dunno what you could get away with the PSU HP gives it.. 300w... you could get a nice 4670 in there or a 5670 if you want to pay a bit more
  2. hm so im going to have to worry about power supply to? are those costly to upgrade? im looking to spend up to around 300$ don't need nothing too fancy.
  3. Oh 300$... in that case get a corsair 550vx or something similar like the ocz modxstream pros and double that up with a radeon 5770, however your CPU might start to become a bottleneck
  4. bottleneck? im not a huge techy whats that mean??
  5. In other words the weakness of the CPU will be stopping the graphics card from achieving its full potential, making spending a extra 200$ on the upgrade rather wasteful
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