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i have a ATI Radeon X1250 integrated graphics on my PC. now i'm trying to run a program that *says* it needs pixel shader 3. now, under the assumption that it might not really need the whole 3.0 capability and might even work with just 2.0b, which is what my integrated graphics have.
is there a way to trick the system, thereby also the program, that i have a shader 3 capable system. i've tried 3Danalyze, but as some of you might already know it only works up to shader 2.0. i don't wanna tinker with the drivers and in my impression, the whole Catalyst system was created to handle all drivers so no driver mismatch can ever happen. dunno much about directx, but might worth the shot, though...

running out of options.. and, i don't really want to buy a graphics card just yet.
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  1. You'll likely find any game that requires PS 3.0 will be too demanding on your integraded card. What does the rest of your system look like?
  2. CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+
    RAM: 2GB
    Graphics: ATI Radeon X1250

    Realtek ALC888 8+2 Channel HD Audio
    Maxtor 150GB

    full motherboard specs:
  3. No, if the program needs PS 3.0 this is because it is built into the hardware, no tinkering with drivers will change it, time for a new GPU if you want to run the program.
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