Is it Good Enough ?

hi people , i just wanted to Know if I will only be Able to BUT this mobo ( GA P55A USB3 ) will be enough for Single ATI 5850 ( at 16X ) & i5 760 ?
I want to know if this mobo will be 100% good for my new Parts & wont bottleneck them !
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  1. yes your Mobo is fine , your HD 5850 will work 100% as long you got the recommended power supply
    your mobo is also support crossfire so you can dual Cards later :)
  2. Hi.

    As you only want use a single GPU that mobo is enough, the CPU is supported with the F5 bios that is the basic BIOS version, but you can update it to F8 from the Gigabyte's web site.

    Now, if you want Crossfire I don't recommend that mobo because only support Crossfire @x4 that doesn't have good performance. If you want Crossfire go with a mobo that support Crossfire @x8 or @x16
  3. Thanks a LOT !
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