New custom pc wont boot into windows 7.

Hey there, i recently built a new computer and i was going to use my old notebook 7200RPM HDD in side the desktop. i plugged it all in, but it freezes at the boot of windows, where the logo appears, then re boots back into startup...when i plug the hdd back into the laptop it boots fine...

i am using a phenom x4 965, 4gb ddr3, 700W mushkin psu, onboard graphics for the mean time, it launches into startup repair and sits there for ages... i am very confused... :pt1cable:
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  1. If doesn't work like that.. Windows 7 is configured for the laptop not the PC. So no matter how many times you swap the drive it wont work. You will have to format the old hdd and use windows 7 installer to configure the system for the new PC.Backup all the data you will need since its going to be erased...
  2. so, if i was to use my laptop hdd, i would need to re-install windows?
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