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About to buy a laptop. Need it to watch horse racing on, mainly. Should I go for a Quad or Dual Core? I mean, from what I can gather, the Quad cores aren't much quicker.
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  1. watch horse racing on? as in on a DVD or on the internet? if it's just for the internet then a netbook will do you, but otherwise a dual core should be sufficient. The quads can be a lot quicker, but it depends on what you're doing with them, i.e. playing games/using apps that utilise more than 2 cores. But if a dual core will do, why spend more money on a quad?
  2. Thanks guys. It makes sense to go the cheap way but there is the lingering worry of it becoming antiquated too quickly.
    As for buying a television, I've never heard of them. How do they work?
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