A couple weeks ago I built a x79 based computer with a i7-3930k on a asus rampage iv extreme. I somewhat know how to overclock the CPU; so I tried it. I overclcked the CPU the 4.3 GHz. I reset the computer went back in to the bios everything was running fine, but the I checked the temp IT WAS AT 93 degrees Celsius. I'm not sure what I did wrong? Could anybody help me with this? It usually runs at 29-35 degrees.


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  1. Have you got an aftermarket cooler? Never overclock on the stock cooler, what settings did you change to overclock?
  2. Reset your bios to default and get a decent aftermarket cooler.
  3. You shouldn't overclock on a stock setup.
  4. It's a lga 2011 CPU it does not come with a stock cooler, I'm using a h100i. Also I asked to see how to overclock it correctly not to change my cooler...
  5. Well maybe you used fingers covered in peanut butter to install the CPU cooler.

    Dude you gave 0 usefull information to help you. I can make some more guesses though?!?!

    No BIOS settings, no programs you using to test, no voltages, no temperatures before overclocking.

    Typically 93C means you 1) installed the heatsink wrong or, 2) didn't use thermal paste or used too much/too little.

    Downclock back to normal if you haven't done so and post your temperatures. If you actually want usefull information please post some usefull information instead of hassle someone trying to help you.
  6. It's runs at 30 degrees at 3.2 ghz
  7. test the temperature with a test program like prime 95

    10-15 mins should be enough
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