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Hello, Hello,i buy a core i7 950, and have 340 budget,what board you recommend i'm traing to make a desition betwen ASUS P6X58D-E ASUS Rampage III Gene Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Asus sabertooht x58 Also i like you recomended me RAM , I'll go whit triple channels and DR3 1600
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  1. I would go with the P6X58D-E motherboard out of the ones listed...

    As for RAM, I would go with the G.SKILL PI DDR3 1600 6GB (3x2GB) Cas7, which has been tested by G.SKILL to work with the P6X58D-E ( )
  2. thanks,,,,but why the p6x58d-e is better than the rampage,,, a frien told me the rampage is the luxury brand of asus,,, what do you think?
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    As you yourself said it, the Rampage is a "Luxury" Board.... implies, has a lot of stuff that is not of any day to day use.... :)
    Whereas the P6X58D-E will give you the max power for everything implies it's a workhorse....
    The Rampage series are for gamers......
    And since you need the board for more PS & 3D Rendering..... it's a better board to go for.....
  4. And from what I think I just read in your third post, you already have the Rampage :)........ Don't know what to say...
    Since you already have the Rampage let me tell you one think it's not a bad buy at all, it's just overkill for your needs......
    Basically a lot of guys out there will kill for that board.... so no sweat..... it's good that you have it.....
  5. Why not the Sabertooth and save the money?
  6. hello,,sorry for been posted so many notes, i'm new hear and thougt that the topis of board and asus were diferent, and I was traying to optain and cover a lot of infromation.
    , i'll buy the p6x58d-e,, every one is telling me that is better,, the reason of the daut in picking de rampage is my brother, he plays in the computer a lot,,,,
    So,, naw you say me de rampage y for that,,, mi cuestion is,,, What do i need to do for use this feature in the board?,, is a default configuraion, ,,,,,, so this rampage is better for gaming jost like that?
    But, the most importantfor mi is to work whit 3d max and photoshop,,, and if you think p6x58d-e is better for that i'll get that one.
  7. Excellent choice. But photoshop and 3D Max performance does not depend on the quality of your motherboard. It is more dependent on the GPU, CPU and the monitor. Since you are getting the X58 board, your processor would be quite powerful. So your monitor and GPU is important.
  8. That's a really tight budget for the Mobo, RAM and GPU I must say.....
    If I had to use that money, I'd go for the Sabertooth than.....


    But would be left with just 14$ for my GPU :(
  9. thanks for the link,,350 is the budget for board and ram,,, i already have gpu and cpu.
    I aready now the board is not that important for 3d max, but for gaming, so ill go for the rampage,,
    I like to now what to do in order to use the features in the board for gaming.
    It is somesing for default or i need to buy somesing else ,, like another video car for and SLi or Crosfire?
    And if is that, the money for that is apart from the initial budget.
  10. Yes, if you want to go gaming at high resolutions with all the eye candy than a good single highend card will do..... or then if the budget will not permit you can CF or SLI two lower cards that fall into your budget.....
    What is the current GPU that you already have?
    For setting on the Mobo, there not much in terms of setting it up especially for gaming, the standard settings work fine. It's only if you are going to OC that you'd need to mess with the BIOS setting on the Mobo... nothing else.....
  11. ok, thanks,,, i have a EVGA 465,,,,a core i7 950, and i am whaiting for the black friday so i can buy the mobo,you now i'm still desiding,,,i want to get the best eaven for gaming,, so the rampage o the better board?,,that day i now i can find a 300$ board for 250 or lower prices.What do you think.
    Sprry for being , persitang but i whant to have the best y you have the knowlege
  12. You can buy the Rampage on black friday. If you are getting it cheap.

    By the way "EVGA 465"... is it the GTX465?
  13. yes,,that one,,i already have it
  14. Its a decent card. Don't worry, but there are others better than that. But are you planning to change you card?
  15. I dont know,, maybe,,, Yea i can change it!!!!!!,,,Anything for have a good machine,,,,that why i am so insecure whit the board,,,,,i reali whant to have he best for 3d and gaming,,and of cores the best and the cheapest
  16. The best doesn't come cheap unfortunately. When you decide to change your GPU just come back here and let us know! We'll help you with that as well.

    About your motherboard, both the options suggested here are good. You cant go wrong with either of them...
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