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Hello,my aspire desktop will start than once the opperating system is about to load it restarts over and over any sugestions
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  1. when you're restarting press F8 to bring up your boot menu and select run in safe mode, if that doesnt work try 'last know configuration' again if that doesnt work try restore mode and again if that doesnt work use the restore CD or follow the restore functions from your laptop manufacturer. Also it would be good to know the last thing you did on the laptop before this happened as that would generally be the culprit
  2. ^ Thats if you can get that far....

    If you can't then check if you can enter the BIOS, "Delete" button maybe. It should be shown on the motherboard screen as SETUP. If you can't enter it then you have a hardware problem. Also try reseting your CMOS after that...

    If you can open the boot menu as above said then ignore my instructions.

    "you did on the laptop"
    OP has clearly said that it is a desktop, Twice...
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