Hi all due to not getting anywhere with the last post i have decided to change the motherboard to a m4a88t-m from a m4n98td evo, i had problems finding any 1333mhz memory for this board and not many people seen to use it.

So i am looking for some memory for the m4a88t-m, i am looking for 4gb 1333mhz or 1600mhz.

corsair was my first choice followed by g.skill and ocz but this board is not listed on any of the sites apart from ocz and the memory for this board is no longer availible.

on the qvl list it is either single slot or triple kits no 2x2gb kits.

Any help will be great, thanks
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  1. If you have a AMD Phenom II CPU - http://www.corsair.com/products/phenomii/default.aspx

    I would simply start a ticket at Corsair, they'll email you a list in a few hours - http://www.corsair.com/helpdesk/default.aspx
  2. i am getting a phenom ii 965, corsair tx650 and a gtx 470.

    i looked at that list earlier but was unsure if any of the ram will be compatible on this motherboard, or can you use this ram on any am3 board with a phenom ii.

    Thanks for the help, never had this problem before with ram as i could alway find one i likes of the motherboards qvl.

    i will email corsair to see what they say thanks
  3. VERIFY your RAM! I am exactly like you - I too have to see it to believe it to buy it - VERY SMART!

    Good Luck!
  4. thanks for the help still not heard anything but i will just wait and see.

    i will post back with their reply.
  5. I usually get a ~4-6 hour response; check maybe your 'Junk Mail.'
  6. no still nothing. i am ordering the system tonight and not heard from them.

    I have found another motherboard (m4a88td-m evo) and have plenty of corsair memory on the qvl list for the motherboard.



    No dominator memory but i gave up on that. so back to the xms3 and it is cheaper by 40 pound so now i am getting gtx 470 rather than gtx 460 and a phenom ii 965 rather than phenom ii 955

    The only problem with the second link is, if you read the description at the bottom it goes on about i5 and i7 again but this is on the qvl list for this board and the second link is 1600mhz and the first link is 1333mhz.

    If it was you buying the memory which one would you choose.

  7. ^I emailed Corsair RE: ASUS M4A88T-M and get a list for 1600 & 1333...TSXpress Case Number 1765682.
  8. I tried the case number and it comes back saying (caseID and/or password are incorrect.


    Thanks for the help
  9. It's 'my' ticket - when I get a response I'll post word per word. The PSWD would list my email address.
  10. Ok mate thank you very much for your help
  11. Hi all,
    Just a quick update on this post.

    Below is the e-mail that corsair sent me regarding the the memory for this board incase anyone else has this problem.

    ***Any of the modules at the link below should work fine on that board.

    As for running 1600MHz on that board it really depends on the memory controller on the processor and it may require alot of tweaking.***

    Thank you!
  12. My message, more less the same thing. Typically, it doesn't take this long to respond; must have had a 'holiday.'

    At least you know -

    "Technical Support Any of the modules listed at the link below should work fine on your board. However if they hit 1600MHz or not mainly relies on your processors memory controller.


    Thank You! 11/19/2010 7:27:57 PM"

    Good Luck! :)
  13. Thanks for the help,

    I also asked them another question but not yet heard from them.

    If i got a 2x2gb memory kit from the list they gave us and ran with 4gb, in the future could i add another 4gb (2x2gb kit) that is identical to the first one i get or if i wanted 8 gb all together would i need to get the 8gb kit straight away.

    I have only got a certain budget and can only get 4gb for now but would like 8 gb all together in the future, do you think it will run fine or do you think it will cause issues or problems with two 2x2gb kits put in at different times.

    Thanks for all your help jaquith.

    How do i select best answer on this forum
  14. If this is a Discussion topic then you cannot select "Best Answer" - and it's no big deal I don't seek BA topics; actually I am about at "Gold" and since there's an issue with the forum if you get too many BA's you go back to Bronze - I'm fine. ;)

    There should be no problems whatsoever if you add a second set, just never mix-up the (2) Matched-Sets. Memory is odd and very touchy. I've seen (2) identical sets get jumbled and fail until 'sorted' back to original sets; they're not 'matched' just for fun...

    I very much appreciate people like you that 'get it' and perform Best Practices.

    Let me know what they say, and Good Luck!
  15. Thanks for your help again. i will let you know what they say when i hear from them.

    The reason i ask is i have heard so many things about memory and i know it is a touchy part of the system but i can remember someone saying that they set in some ocz memory and a few months down the line they got the exact memory and set it in to the other slots ending with 8gb 4x2gb memory but the system kept rebooting after post.

    they sent the memory back and ocz tested the memory and found no problems, but to cut a long story short, they found out that the second set of 2x2gb had a different .rev.

    i will update you when they get back.
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