Its an 8600gt 512mb enough for physx dedicated ?

ive just bought a 5770 to change my 8600gt than i saw that you can ATI + Nvidia physx, and i was wondering if my 8600 is enough for physx ? maybe some low performance physx ? (if you could do that lol)

will do some bottlenecking ?
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  1. The 8600 is powerful enough for moderate PhysX.

    Do make sure that you download old nvidia drivers that support (or didn't reject) PhysX functionality with non-nVidia GPUs. Or, you can mod your drivers to work with the 5770. Either one will enable PhysX functionality.
  2. wich driver might be that, sorry a little on the n00b side when it comes to driver functionality
  3. Any driver version 180.xx up to 185.xx will play nice with ATI. 186.xx above will reject it.

    Or you can download a patch.
  4. thank you ! =)
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