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hi guys,
I know this field is ever changing. Once a year or year and a half new technology comes out. I also know that this technology is sometimes an overkill to the software thats available for it.

My question is this, for ATI fans...
my brother in law just got my a 5970..two cards actually..to run on 3 23" hdmi lcd's.. with a res of I think (I could be wrong) 2048x1152..

I know nividia is coming out with their own cards this month supposidly.

Does any ATI can think that "fermi" will completely blow the 5970 out of the water?
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  1. We'll not know that just yet. I read that the highest-end, Quadro-level Fermi GPUs might beat the 5000 series. But that's all speculation. nVidia hasn't had anything solid to show us yet.

    What does your brother-in-law use 3 screens for? If it's not gaming, the 5970 is an overkill.
  2. yep gaming. He got me the 2 5970's and I have the 3 lcd screens im the gamer, hes a gamer too, but more of a rpg, im 3d shooter more so...

    where did you read that, I would like to check that out even though its all speculation...

    I just cant see ATI releasing a video card, esp the 5970 their top one only to be blown out of the water by nividia months after release...
  3. The enterprise-level cards aren't cheap. They go like 1000-2000$ a piece. They are reserved for the high-end rendering environment, or something like that.

    I'm still looking for that article. I'm not sure if it's in Tom's or somewhere else. I read 5 sites' worth of tech stuff every day.
  4. how do you like your radeon 5750?
    ahh ok, high end rendering...wouldnt that be more like a high end graphic design setting? or were you saying that only those cards, not even designed for gamers may be faster than 5970..
  5. In theory, yes. I repeat that those cards usually have high performance in raytracing and CUDA for high end workstations. They, however, usually have poor fillrates, something that games require lots of. nVidia hasn't shown a solid product to demonstrate and prove their claims, so it's dubious.

    My 5750 is plenty enough for me. I can play MW, MW2, GRID, and hopefully other games in the future. I don't feel the need to replace it just yet.
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