Best RAM for Gigabyte P55M-UD2???

I've got a P55M-UD2 on the way and now need to find the best ram for the money. It seems the UD2 is picky about ram, so I'm a bit worried as I'd like to have a simple clean new build after my 775 Q9550 upgrade torment.

The only ram I've been able to find that is on the Gigabyte QVL is this G.skill DDR3-1600:

Yesterday it was out of stock, but today it's not, so maybe my search is over.

I was intrigued with the G.skill low voltage eco series since I hope to use 8 gigs.
G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D-4GBECO DDR3-1600 CL7-8-7-24 1.35V
It's not on G.skill's approved list for this motherboard, but it appears they have no 'approved' ram for the P55M-UD2. Low budget builders just don't get the attention.

There is the G.SKILL Ripjaws PC3-12800 4GB 2X2GB DDR3-1600 CL9-9-9-24 , but I worry about the Ripjaw fangs clanging into the Hyper 212 cooler right next door.

Also I'd like to know how feasible it is to have all the ram slots filled with the Hyper 212 pointing skyward in an Antec 300 case.

The main purpose of this new Win7 64bit system other than reading hardware posts on the internet late at night, is audio and video editing with Vegas Pro. Hence the desire for 8 gigs of ram.

Here's the build so far:
i5-750 (Hope to have a mild overclock 3.2-3.4 with Turbo)
P55M-UD2 (Small, but perfect for my needs - eSata, Firewire, 1 PCI slot for Audio interface)
Intel Intel X25-V (Boot drive / App)
Kingston 64Gig Series 2 (Audio sample drive)
WD Black 640gig - data
Asus 240GT (Need the CUDA for a few video plugins - sorry AMD)
Corsair 400cx
Antec 300 case
3x Sflex D case fans
2x Sflex F CPU cooler
1x Arctic Cooling F12 case fan

Thanks for the suggestions!
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  1. ^ You wont have any clearance issues with those RAMs...The heatsinks on those RAMs are not tall unlike the Corsair Dominators/ GSkillz Trident, PI series/ Kingston Hyper T1X...And also it is thinner compared to other similar CPU coolers so it wont come in the path of the memory slots...

    As for the RAM, I would get the ECO for the low voltage or the Ripjaws...
  2. Thanks for the sexy pics of the 212, definitely not mounted on a lowly UD2 tho.

    But will it clear the ram modules when turned 90 degrees and pointed up towards the top exhaust fan?
  3. There surely wont be any issues with the regular RAM modules...See that the Rip Jaws have shorter heatsinks comparable to the other regular ones...And the ECO has the regular ones...
  4. The G-Skill 1.35 V 2 1600 or 1333 (-xGBEC) is not listted @ Gigabyte for the P55-UD2. either. G-skill did not list their 1.35 V for the H55M either, but Gigabyte did show the 1333 (GBEOC).

    Have you looked at the user comments @ newegg - Look for someone with your MB - Can look at all G-skill 1.35 Volt series to see if any problems on YOUR MB.

    Gigabyte tends to not list all ram that is compatable with a given MB and they are slow to update list.

    The real question is how low the Ram voltage settings go to (Lowest for H55M is 1.30) - For the P55M hopefully someone with that board can answer. 2nd question is mat is a safe max level for the 1.35 (ie is 1.4 ecceptable.) On this I'm trying to get an answer from G-skill - my email to them bounced back as invalided also wantied to instal outlook on my vista.

    As to the ripjaw series, their great and if you can find the 1.5 V version (GBHK and GBNQ) that fits, go for it select lowest CL Have the Ripjaw CL7 @ 1.6 V in I5-750 P55-UD4P - love it.
  5. This just in from G.SKILL support:

    "The ECO series will work just fine with the UD2. You are right in that especially with 8GB, 4 modules, it would be extremely beneficial for low voltage. This creates less stress on the memory controller thus enhancing performance, keeping temperatures low, and many more benefits. We are certain that you will be satisfied."

    G.SKILL support

    That's seems like great news. At least for me! Very few people can be certain I'll be satisfied.
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