Argh, dots all over my screen :(

hello everyone

i was wondering if anyone could help me solve a rather strange problem. I have a BFG GTX 285 ocfu in my dell system. last night it was quite hot in my room (if that helps) and i was editing a map last night in the far cry 2 map editor. after a few hours of feverishly working away on my latest creation, the whole editor just stopped responding. i should also mention that this never happens. so i thought no big deal, what of it.

but then shock and horror, all these little dots started appearing on my screen. there was no pattern to them, and no colour. they were kind of every colour at once. and after i killed the fc2 editor process, they were still there. and if i moved the task manager window over them they would dissapear. but then as i did more things they would reappear randomly again. after a few minutes i restarted and used GPU-Z to check the temps under load.

so far its pretty much: GPU temp reported by driver 85 degrees, GPU temp reported by sensor, board temp reported by sensor 70 degrees.

so i was wondering if anyone could help me identify what could be happening here. my old 8800gtx failed not so long ago and i would be so upset if i lost this card too. how worried should i be, whats actually going on here? thankyou everyone for any help you can give me

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  1. oh and i forgot to mention, it idles at around 47 degrees as reported by the driver
  2. Its most deffinately Overheating and therefore causing artifacts.
    If your GPU Core temp is 85C then its likely that the VRM's are 100C+ The easiest way to solve this is to up the fan speed.
  3. so might there have been any permanent damage to my card. will this have shortened its life or made it less good somehow. if something like this happens then does it make it more likely that it will start happening again. i would hate to have melted bits of my card or something like that
  4. Take the side panel off for better air flow and turn up the fan speed, it is not worth roasting a $300-400 card by trying to keep the box pretty.
  5. well i've upped the fan speed to 70% and now im idling at about 37 degrees, and getting up to around 67 when under very heavy load. but i would still love to know, do things like this seriously shorten the life of your card? i would hate it if it would've lasted years and now it will only last months :(
  6. I doubt you did any damage at all, but theres a possibility. Graphics cards can with stand alot of heat and if you only overheated it once and for a very short period of time then its highly unlikely you damaged it at all.

    Have you had any more artifacts since upping the fan speed?
  7. well i haven't had any more artifacts since then (fingers crossed)

    i really hope that i permanently harmed it. but i suppose i'll have to just keep this fan speed setting and vow never to trust automatic fan speed every again.
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