Cd-rom driver for windows 7

Not working CD Drive
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  1. What is the model name?
  2. Hi

    CD Rom drive implies a very old PC as most modern PC's have DVD drives.

    does drive say DVD or CD on front ?

    CD & DVD drives do not need a special driver under Windows (except for XP to write to DVD-R or DVD+R optical disks)

    Problems include dust in side, hardware faults, disconnected cables and corrupt registry (upper filter/lower filter drivers)

    Sometimes Windows says Insert a disk, sometimes Windows detects disk but will not show anything on disk.
    Also does BIOS report presence of optical disk ? (if not electronics fault or cable problem)

    we need some more information about your problem to be able to help you

    If you can start up your PC from a Windows XP or 2000 CD or Windows Vista or 7 DVD problem is likely to be registry corruption


    Mike Barnes
  3. windows 7 is a really advanced vers of windows xp detecting most hardware via plug+play option within the OS. though the model or make should not matter...what are they+can we have the full system specs for your system?
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