Ati 5970 with a 5850 in crossfire?

CAn you have an ati 5970 and a 5850 in crossfire. If not could you have a 5870 and a 5970 in crossfire. What would be the power consumpition, and what motherboard would be good for this setup?
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  1. yes, it can be done, the only problem is that the higher performance card will throttle down to be on par with the lowest performance card you have, so essentially you would have a 5850x2 + 5850.

    An example would be as follows:

    4870 + 4850 crossfire = 2 x 4850
  2. Depending on your motherboard putting a 5970 with a 5850 might severly hurt the performance for the card and creat alot more heat then needed a single 5970 should run anything you can throw at it with setting maxed out on high res no problem.
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  4. You can't do a 5970 trifire, and have it be effective. The last trifire ready card was the ever awesome 4870X2.
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