GAMING PC for Rs.60K-is it good enough

GUys is this system good. I think ATI is better than NVIDIA though.Pass on any good mods you can think of

here's the actual link:

and here is the list of the parts:

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  1. Looks Ok to me, would rather go for 4gb ram.

    BTW, Rs. is what currency exactly??
  2. ^ he has listed 4GB only - Notice x2 at the end ?

    And as for the Rs. It is Rupee - Indian currency...
  3. Oh :D

    Then everythink OK
  4. Few changes:

    HD 4870(Costs Rs9000) is equivalent to GTX 260 but you can save Rs2000 here:

    Corsair 550VX is an excellent choice but it is not that expensive...
    Costs a bit less i.e. Rs4600

    WD Green will be a little bit slower as a primary HD.
    Instead get WD Blue or Black...

    Here's a deal on WD Blue:

    Since you've saved a bit on the GPU and PSU you should get an aftermarket cooler:
    Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is a great choice:

    This will keep your CPU cool and will give you a lot of Overclocking Headroom(Also reduces the noise:))

    Good Luck :)
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