Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 mobo on an Antec 300 case

Here is a diagram of my mother board.

I have several questions about cables that need to be plugged in here.

1. What cable do I plug on the sys_fan1 and sys_fan2? Is it the cable coming from the two fans found infront of my antec 300 case?

2. What about the Pwr_Fan? What cable do I need to plug in there? Is that the cable coming from the Power supply? I have an earthwatts 650 PSU.

3. On the Antec 300. I noticed several front panel cables. I didn't see any cable there that's labeled as speaker. If that's the case then the Antec casing has no speaker. Is this because of the onboard audio that's found on my motherboard. I saw an AC 97 is that the cable that I need to plug on the f_panel area?
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  1. 1,2> Using the sys and pwr fan plugs is optional. You can plug the case fans into a molex connector from the PSU and use the two-way switches if you dont want software control of the fan speed. I find software control unnecessary as the cooling is fine with the case fans set on low for me. The CPU_FAN !must! be plugged into the cpu cooler fan.

    3> There is no internal speaker. The front speaker cable has two ends so it can plug into either kind of speaker plug your motherboard might have. I beleive it will go into the F_Audio port on your motherboard <near the back panel audio ports>. The Fpanel speaker pins are only for a cheap internal speaker that is not common anymore as everyone uses speakers/headsets plugged into the onboard audio.

    Dont forget you have two power cables on that motherboard. Many people have problems because they forget the 8pin up in the top left corner.
  2. Thanks.

    1. Do you know where the AC97 cable goes to?

    2. With regards to the power cable, I believe I know what you're talking about. Thanks once again for the response.
  3. that's the same thing i wonder about
  4. 1. I believe sys_fan1 and sys_fan2 are for the additional fans, if you decide to buy one, two or three. These are so that you can control the fans with a software, I think...

    2. I didn't plug anything on mine...

    3. This had me confused for a while too. Only one of the two plugs should be plugged in. Plug in the HDA one to F_Audio. Just tie the AC97 on the cable itself so it doesn't flail around.
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