Expert help on bulding a High Performance Workstation

Greetings Esteemed Gurus, I have a difficult nut to crack.

I have endeavoured into the field of building myself a super fast workstation with a upper budget of max 7000 USD, and I really need help as i am completely confused of all the options available out there.

Note that I already have a brand new Corsair 1000W power supply so that can be excluded from the budget.

Although I do play games from time to time I am not exactly the hardcore enthusiast when it comes to overclocking and tweaking for game performance. But I would love to have a PC that still runs most games without a problem. To describe the features I need I have complied a small list of stuff that I would like to have available in my new system.

Areas of importance in priority:

1) Development and compilation of code via Visual Studio and other similar programs
2) Web based development and excecution of via various browsers
3) Database MSSQL 2008R2 development
4) Graphical work through Adobe CS4 Collections both in video editing and large graphic file editing.
5) Gaming (WoW, Assasins Creed II, Battlefield, CoD Modern Warfare 2 and similar games)


1) Need to be able to run a 3 x 24" display setup


1) I would like to have a minimum of 16GB ram available

Windows 7 x64 ultimate

Whatever option that is best for running virtual PC or WMware so that I can have 3 x virtualized server OS's running for development purposes in the background (virtualized server OS will be based on windows server 2008R2 Core and Ubuntu Linux)

Disk System

For the OS I was thinking of running a pure SSD in Raid setup preferably with 256GB capacity

For plain storage I need between 4-6TB's perhaps in a SATA raid, I dont really require backup failsafe safety here just plain space and speed.

For virtualization it is imparative that the system is able to run with Dual ioXtreme Pro SSD cards, so the MB will require at least two PCI-Express x4 slots. If possible slotwise i would love to have 3 of these cards installed at a later stage but this is not an absolute must. Please note that the ioXpress cards I already have so they are not included in the budget.

I would like to have at least 2 NIC's present in the system 1 for the local OS and 1 for the virtualization platform, if possible 3 NIC's would be prefered.

Something that goes with it all, I really dont have specific demands but I would like something that is somewhat keeps the noise levels down. Space is not a problem.

I dont really know I leave that to you the experts

Data Transport
I am in need of transporting data quite often so a Blue Ray drive and a fast USB connection perhaps the new USB 3.0 would be in order here

Any help would highly appreciated, and thank your for your time.
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  1. Well am not much of an expert but do have some suggestions though...

    For that budget, why not go with 2 PCs ?
    1. A high performance workstation based on Dual-core Xeon chips - ~4-5K
    2. A good gaming PC - ~1.5K
  2. hmm, perhaps not a bad idea, then i would need some kind of screen keyboard switcher.

    I will look into it.

    Thanks your reply
  3. thats right if you building a workstation PC and you end up getting a workstation type graphics card like a quattro than that card will not perform that well for gaming.
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